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Bora York ALBUM RELEASE SHOW August 21 w/ Verskotzi & Graveyard Club at The Varsity Theater

Bora York
Graveyard Club

Varsity Theater
Friday, August 21
7pm doors | 8pm music
$8 | 18+

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Tickets on sale Friday July 10, online and at Loring Pasta BarElectric FetusDown In The Valley :



"Summertime radness" - Neon Gold Records

"It's impossible not to get swept up in the excitement." - Indie Shuffle 

"Quickly escalating into a full on good time, The Way You Groove is a breakout party for Bora York." - Earmilk

While they live in a land famous for frigid weather, husband-and-wife-fronted five-piece Bora York’s music is undoubtedly summer-esque. Their first new song since debut album Dreaming Free is "Let Loose," and takes their sound to a new direction - tighter, funkier, and dancier, all while maintaining the ethereal dream-pop feel of the first album. Creating a stir in their hometown of Minneapolis and online, it served as the birth of a second album, Secret Youth, that was written by frontman Chris Bartels from a different perspective - through the lens of what had been exciting from their live shows.

"The Way You Groove" and "Arrest Me" further expand on the climate of Secret Youth's first single, melding the danceability of "Let Loose" with fresh layers of vintage synths and memorable falsetto hooks. While the influence of a variety of 80's synth pop is clear throughout, it's the full-on funk breakdown halfway through "Arrest Me" that points to the influence of the classic Minneapolis funk sound.

Recording a large amount of their songs in Chris and Rebekah Bartels' humble 2-bedroom apartment, not to mention with the company of their newborn son, Bora York is all about working with what you've got. While this lends to an organic feel, the polished production is still undeniably impressive. Brian Seidel (vocals, guitar, keys), Bjorn Nilsen (drums), and Jamie) Kauppi (bass) join Chris and Rebekah to complete the outfit, and have helped shape the sound of both albums, and also in creating an exciting live experience. The entire production and release process was done independently through Chris’ own Anthem Falls Music, releasing July 21, 2015.

Through the avenue of must-dance grooves and unforgettable melodies, Secret Youth is an ode to young love, perseverance, and nostalgia.



Verskotzi is led by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Joey Verskotzi - who started recording as a solo artist upon moving to Minneapolis in 2010 & has released 3 albums since. The band's latest release, ‘Waving’, perked heads across the country, describing Verskotzi as a mix of "the drugged-out dance of Cherub, the melodic synths of Justice and the sky-high, silky voice of Baths... the indie-pop stew of Verskotzi" (Sound in the Static). Verskotzi's songwriting has been described as using "imaginative electro-pop melodies" & "sounds of oldies past...Verskotzi never fails to impress" (Examiner).



In the fall of 2013, Graveyard Club recorded a batch of spooky, synth-laden 80's pop songs in the basement of a 19th century mansion in St. Paul, MN. Originally comprised of Matthew Schufman (vocals, keys) and Michael Wojtalewicz (guitar), the band expanded to include Cory Jacobs (drums) and Amanda Zimmerman (bass, backing vocals). The band draws influences from 50's crooners, 80's new wave and modern day dream-pop bands. There is also a heavy dose of spooky nostalgia, inspired in part by an unlikely source: Ryan Gosling's underrated band, Dead Man's Bones.

After the January 2014 release of their lo-fi first EP "Sleepwalk", the quartet wrote and recorded their first album, "Nightingale" with Ed Ackerson at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis. "Nightingale" was released in September of 2014, pushing the sound established on "Sleepwalk" into new directions while retaining some of the dark, haunted appeal. The LP featured singles "The Night is Mine", and "Into the Dark".