July 13

It feels like we're floating, because babe... you're glowing.

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“Glowing” is a summer love anthem; an unapologetic pop experiment.

After 3 years, Minneapolis-based husband-and-wife duo Bora York return with a new single. It’s a love song - an unconditional love song.

Songwriter Chris Bartels notes, “It’s about being so in love with someone that it doesn't matter what they look like at any given time, or what their mood is, or anything really—this type of love goes way beyond feelings. No matter what, this person is always glowing to you.”

Sitting atop the magnetic bounce of layered kicks, claps, and snares, creative programming, and a repeating dream of a guitar hook, are vocal performances from both Rebekah and Chris Bartels. Being husband and wife, lyrics like “Rich, poor, sad, or laughing / jeans, dress, crying or dancing / it feels like we're floating / because babe, you're glowing, you're glowing," seem to carry a greater sense of meaning as the couple harmonize throughout the track.

“We’re not afraid of writing pop songs,” explains Chris, “but we're always still trying to bring something unique and experimental.”  These experimental territories are evident with the meticulous inclusion of chair squeaks, morphed vocal samples, glitched out piano notes, and warped drum fills.

The past few years have been quiet for Bora York, as Rebekah and Chris have continued to grow a family together and write music for side projects, but they never stopped developing the band’s next sonic chapter.

While drawing from Bora York’s past, “Glowing” lays groundwork for a coming future of lush pop experiments making it the perfect single to usher in the band’s new era.


With the glamour on the line
Traveling hearts, bloom on sight
Peering through mirror haze
Bearing down former days

All these daydreams living
You’re an honest smile, without lies
All these daydreams living
With only you I come alive

Rich, poor, sad or laughing
Jeans, dress, crying or dancing
It feels like we’re floating
Because babe you’re glowing, yeah, babe you’re glowing

Walking off hollow words
Forward now, not turning back
Warm is all I am with you
Closing heart wounds I've wrapped

Singing, talking, sleeping
No matter what you’re feeling
Lord knows that we’re floating
Because babe you’re glowing, yeah, babe you’re glowing


"Summertime radness" - Neon Gold Records 
"It's impossible not to get swept up in the excitement." Indie Shuffle 
"Quickly escalating into a full on good time, The Way You Groove is a breakout party for Bora York." - Earmilk
"Something we can all get behind." - All Things Go 
"Soulfully crafted, funk-inspired, and an absolute blast to groove to." - The Music Ninja


Chris Bartels

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