I don’t wake up in pieces no more

Currently writing their 3rd full-length album, Bora York is the Minneapolis husband-and-wife duo of Chris and Rebekah Bartels.

Unknowingly when he started writing it, Bora York songwriter and producer Chris Bartels happened to be foreshadowing his own creative and emotional state with new single “I Finally Let My Heart Grow Again.”

With three children under the age of 6, and several other projects and commitments underway, Chris and Rebekah Bartels are hardly in a season of life with the luxury of time to be creative on a third Bora York album. In a seemingly endless creative funk, Bora York just wasn’t fun anymore for Chris.

Still, and always, a work in progress, there was a turning point a few months ago, when he stepped back and made a choice to worry less and focus less on the end results of things, and what Bora York “should look like.” Instead, trying to simply live in the moment of writing these songs, and go back to what birthed Bora York in the first place - having fun.

That feeling of brokenness, perhaps, is embodied in the experimental sounds of the track - glitched out synth beds, never fully in tune with each other, eerie and cinematic vocal samples, a dissonant main progression, and painfully sincere vocals.

“I’m a mess, it’s clear as day; but for some reason you stuck with me anyway.”

For awhile, Chris was wondering if Bora York had actually run its course, if it was time to move on. He was a mess. But he stuck with it anyway. 

And just maybe, when we’re in a painful time like this, if we let our heart grow again, little by little, there’s a new season on the other side.


Chris Bartels



We can move slower still, let the moon catch up with us
We won’t let the dew arise before we let our sense run out

I gave it my all, and I hid what was left but now I turn

I finally let, let my heart grow again
I finally let, you in
I finally let, let my heart grow again
I finally let, you in

I’m a mess, it’s clear as day
But for some reason, you stuck with me anyway
And your voice, and your love cut through the storm
And I don’t wake up, in pieces no more

Oh I gave it my all, and I hid what was left but now I turn, now I