September 7

I can't wait for one more breath to hold you

Love is a mystery.

It’s a lot more than a moment, but it’s also the moments that keep bringing us back to each other. “Hold You” is about those moments you create together when in love - the last dance, when everyone else around you disappears; the road trip that you wish never ended; the daydreaming of a future together.

But true love is cultivated when you go through not just the good times together, but the rough times. That’s when love is not just enjoyed, but built.

“We daydream too safely, my love, and I can’t wait for one more breath to hold you.”

The second single of Bora York’s new era, leading to a third album, “Hold You” digs back into the roots of Bora York’s first songs, where emotion was the foundation. Songwriter Chris Bartels explains, "We've always just gone creatively where we want - not trying to box ourselves in or be swayed by trends. We want to write songs that are completely us - regardless of what the reception might or might not be for a song or album."

Backed by layers of analog synthesizers, and a simple, steady drumbeat and bass line, Chris and Rebekah Bartels’ vocals paint the scene of the ups and downs of both enjoying, and building love.


Please remind me
When the worst is over
And we’re the only ones dancing
You’re a gentle rush
While I wait for closure
And we forget all our plans

And all this solace, all we find
I can’t fall further from your mind
We daydream too safely, my love
And I can’t wait for one breath to hold you, to hold you

Sundown’s calling
We won't lose the fever
With our stillness, we're stirring

Auburn riches, tethered close
Sunrise gifted, our fate exposed


"Summertime radness" - Neon Gold Records 
"It's impossible not to get swept up in the excitement." Indie Shuffle 
"Quickly escalating into a full on good time, The Way You Groove is a breakout party for Bora York." - Earmilk
"Something we can all get behind." - All Things Go 
"Soulfully crafted, funk-inspired, and an absolute blast to groove to." - The Music Ninja


Chris Bartels